Star Realms Frontiers

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    • Frontiers is a deckbuilding game for 1-4 players, that is both a standalone game and fully compatible with Star Realms Deckbuilding Game and all of its expansions!
    • Star Realms Frontiers raised over $1,100,000 on  Kickstarter!
  • This $19.99 Box Set Features:

    • Great gameplay for 1-4 players.
    • Solitaire and Cooperative mode!
    • Plays on its own, or combined with any other Star Realms set.
    • An all-new 80-card trade deck featuring some new mechanics like the double ally abiltiy which really rewards you for focusing on a single faction!
    • Starting decks for four players.
    • Four sets of new, easy-to-use score cards. 
    • Plenty of Explorer cards.
    • Full color rulebook for two player PVP games, and awesome multiplayer formats like Free-For-All, Hunter, and Hydra!
    • A sturdy, attractive, 4" x 6" x 2" game box

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