Hero Realms Digital - Late Backer Beta Access

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Did you miss the Hero Realms Digital Kickstarter? We have Late Backer Beta Access available for those that missed the Kickstarter. 

!Please be aware that it can take up to 5 business days once purchased to get access as this is a manual process due to being a Beta.

Late Backer Beta Access: 

Join the Beta and help us perfect this awesome app!

Play as the Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Thief or Wizard. Name your character, gain experience, level up! Improve your skills, abilities, and find treasures that will be permanently added to your starting deck!

When the full version is released, you'll also get $30 in Gems for buying cosmetics and for playing in tournaments and other events.


  • Beta Access (Starting Next Month!)
  • The Digital Base Set with Online Play
  • The Digital Cleric Pack
  • The Digital Fighter Pack
  • The Digital Ranger Pack
  • The Digital Thief Pack
  • The Digital Wizard Pack
  • $30 in Gems

Note: There won't be a Pledge Manager for this Kickstarter, so you won't be able to order additional products with this credit. Instead, there will be a simple survey. The estimated delivery date for this Kickstarter is Mid-August, 2021. As a late backer, you will not automatically get update emails from Kickstarter. Please follow the Kickstarter Updates page for progress and/or changes. 

We will be sending out an email to gather your information for your account within the first two weeks of August. If you purchase this Late Backer Beta Access as a WWG store guest, we will use the email address that you enter upon checkout. If you purchase this Late Backer Beta Access using a WWG store account, we will send the survey to the email address associated with that account.

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