Star Realms Command Deck: The Pact

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Play as Overlord Newburg. Watch your firepower and authority grow as your Trade Federation and Blob forces purchase and plunder their way through the galaxy! Battle against another Command Deck, or play as a raid boss taking on two players using standard personal decks!

This pack contains 18 cards for use with Star Realms Deckbuilding Game:

  • A Legendary Commander card: Overlord Newburg
  • A 12-card custom personal deck: Cluster Scout, Diplomatic Shuttle, Escort Viper, Frontier Tug, Ranger, Ripper, 4 Scout, Swarmling, and Viper
  • A mighty 8-cost megaship: Super Carrier
  • 2 powerful Gambits: Newburg’s Game and Pact Dominion
  • 2 custom scorecards

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